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The vanadium battery is electrochemically reacted through a different valence state vanadium electrolyte circulating through the electrode, thereby achieving mutual conversion between chemical energy and electrical energy. The vanadium battery consists of a stack, a vanadium electrolyte barrel, a circulation pump, a pipeline, and a battery management system. The stack consists of a series of cells connected in series. The monolithic battery is composed of an ion exchange membrane, an electrode, a conductive plate, a flow frame plate, and a sealing ring. The electrode is composed of a graphite felt and is placed in the flow frame plate between the ion exchange membrane and the conductive plate.
Our company uses its world-leading perfluorinated ion membrane, high activity electrode and new low flow resistance, low self-discharge, high energy efficiency stack to produce vanadium battery stack with low flow resistance, low resistance and high current density (>110mA/cm2). , higher than the peer 30mA/cm2), high power density (>130mW/cm2, higher than the peer 40mW/cm2), high energy efficiency (>83%@130 mW/cm2, 5-10% higher than the peer), module High degree of production, low production cost (about 2600 yuan / kW), long life cycle of charge and discharge (> 20,000 times)

Technical Specifications(Reference Standard):

Rated Voltage
Rated Power
Maximum Power
Stack Weight
Charging Voltage Limit
Cycle Life
20000 Times
Rated Current
Rated Energy Efficiency
Working Temperature
Stack Size
Discharging Voltage Limit
Storage Life


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Continuously provide the Ion-Exchange Membrane with lower energy consumption and excellent performance for Green Energy and Chlor-Alkali Industries
Continuously improve the technology of environmentally friendly

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